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I. What is Joy Plot?

Joy Plot, a ridgeline plot, is a visualization technique for plotting a repetitive signal. The name “joy plot” is derived from “Joy Division,” the name of the band that popularized this type of plot in 1979 with their “Unknown Pleasures” album cover.

You can learn more about Joy Plot from the tutorials linked below:

II. The data

  1. Sample exam result data set:
  2. Global daily temperatures from 1880 to 2022:

III. Joy Plot for Exam Results

joy plot for exam results

IV. Joy Plot for Global Daily Temperatures

joy plot for global temperatures

You can create a Joy Plot similar to the one featured on the cover of Joy Division’s album ‘Unknown Pleasures’.

joy plot similar to the one on the cover of 'unknown pleasure'

IV. The Python code

You can see all the code in Google Colaboratory:

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