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I. Fatal error

I encontered a fatal error and saw the following error comment:

Fatal error: Composer detected issues in your platform: Your Composer dependencies require a PHP version “>= 7.2.5”. You are running 7.0.18. in /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/wp-user-manager/vendor-dist/composer/platform_check.php on line 21

II. Unnable to connect to the EC2 instance

I tried to connect to the EC2 instance for my WordPress site on AWS management console. There seemed be two ways to connect to the instance in my settings:

connect to instance on AWS

But I was unable to connect through EC2 Instance Connect because the Ubuntu version of the instance is 14 and too old for EC2 Instance Connect. I was also unable to connect through SSH client because I didn’t associated Kye Pair to the instance. This was a basic, elementary error.

To be continued.

III. Creating a new instance from the Amazon Machine Image

As always, I asked ChatGPT show what to do when no key pair is associated with the EC2 instance.

ChatGPT replied:

If you don’t have the key pair associated with the EC2 instance, you may not be able to directly access the instance through SSH or any other method that requires authentication using the key pair.

However, there are other ways to retrieve the WordPress pages data without directly accessing the instance. One way to do this is by creating an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) of the instance and launching a new instance from the AMI with a new key pair.

Here are the general steps to create an AMI of your EC2 instance:

  1. Stop the EC2 instance that you want to create an AMI of.
  2. In the EC2 console, select the instance and choose “Create Image” from the “Actions” menu.
  3. Enter a name and description for the AMI, and choose “Create Image”.
  4. Once the AMI is created, launch a new instance from the AMI and associate it with a new key pair.
  5. Once the new instance is running, you can access the WordPress pages data by connecting to the instance using the new key pair and retrieving the necessary files or databases.

I followed the suggestion and was able to create a new instance with a key pair associated. I was able to see my sites with new IP adress.

Then I tried to upgrade PHP via SSH but …

IV. Upgrading PHP on Bitnami

I wanted to upgrade PHP and Ubuntu, wchich is 14.04. Apparently, I could neither upgrade PHP or on Bitnami. But I failed and gave up.


V. Failed in Migration

I used the All-in-One WP Migration” plugin. I followed the procedures showed below:

Migrate Data From One WordPress Instance To Another

I encountered an error during the migration and failed. Perhaps I can retrieve files from the old site via SSH and upload them to the new blog site. However, I think this is a good opportunity to remove unnecessary files and update useful ones, so I am creating this blog site anew.

VI. Installing a SSL certificate

I have followd the tutorial below:

Configure Elastic Load Balancing With SSL And AWS Certificate Manager For Bitnami Applications On AWS

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